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Suporn is retired and his pupil, Bank, is currently doing most of the work.

Surgical features

A unique non-PI approach is used. Specifically, all the tissue of the glans is preserved, while the foreskin is used as the clitoral foreskin and the inner labia minora to indicate optimal sensitivity: part of the glans is used to shape the clitoris, the other part is buried at the foot of the clitoris as a secondary sensitive organ, while part of the foreskin is used to shape the clitoral foreskin and tether; the lower part of the vaginal opening is made with a flap at the perineum, the upper part with a flap of the urethral skin that is turned out, and the lateral The remaining scrotal/penile flap and urethral mucosa are sutured into a tube as the vaginal wall, with the subcutaneous tissue, including the hair follicle, stripped to ensure that there is no hair; the lateral scrotal flap is taken as the labia minora, and its junction with the lateral labia minora flap is sutured to the deeper tissue to ensure that the two are separated. For the average surgical subject, the remaining foreskin (or penile flap) is sutured to the urethra as the vaginal vestibule and the medial surface of the labia minora, and the penile flap as the lateral surface of the labia minora; whereas if the surgical subject has insufficient material for the penile flap, the scrotal flap is used as the lateral surface of the labia minora. The use of appropriate material on the medial labia minora, vestibule and medial vagina ensures that their outer walls are all pink, hairless skin similar to that of cisgender women.


It is difficult to achieve perfect results in a single operation, as the natural sublabial union and labial ties cannot withstand the frequency of expansion required in the early post-operative period, so a single SRS cannot create the appearance of the labia minora naturally wrapping around the underside of the vaginal opening, but only wraps the sides of the vaginal opening in a ‘Λ’ shape. In addition, the use of the perineal skin flap near the subvaginal opening can result in hair growth, which needs to be removed either in advance or afterwards, and other problems often occur with the Suporn technique, such as necrosis of the labia, necrosis or even loss of the clitoris, or excessive erectile tissue at the urethra. It is therefore possible to ask for more tissue to be preserved during the initial procedure if needed, and a second procedure can be performed free of charge after one year. Nevertheless, there may be complications that are difficult to recover from and the loss of sensitivity may be difficult to restore. Their technique of forming the inner vaginal wall using multiple skin flaps sutured together is inherently relatively risky, and there have even been examples of complete vaginal atrophy.
The safety record of the 1 Suporn appears to have been particularly poor over the last two years, either in recent years or in relation to the Suporn’s approaching age to retirement. Moreover, precisely because of the complexity of its technique, dilation is relatively demanding: the first few months require more than one hour three times a day and can be relatively painful. The recovery period is also relatively long and it is difficult to stand, sit or walk for long periods of time for one to three months after the procedure.

Overall, Suporn offers the best surgical results in terms of appearance and sensitivity, but has the disadvantage of being expensive, with a high risk of complications and a long recovery period; but as a once-in-a-lifetime procedure, it is worth giving it some thought.

Choice of post-operative dilators

Suporn Clinic offers stamped glass rod dilators that can be passed through in widths of 26, 32, 35 and 37mm and lengths of 20cm (the skeletonised glass rods of the past are no longer used)

2019 Suporn Watanyusakul: Vaginoplasty Modifications to Improve Vulvar Aesthetics

Japanese manga artist Makoto Konishi also underwent SRS at the Suporn clinic and drew the autobiographical manga “Born with the Wrong Sex”.

  1. This paragraph was written in 2020. ↩︎