Welcome to the MtF Wiki, a place that may help some transgender women.

Thought this site was founded initially for Chinese trans, we provide this English page to show our visibility. However, if you would like to contribute information for trans in your region, welcome to do it.

MtF (Male-to-Female), transgender female, refers to a female whose sex1 is male when she was born.

MtF Wiki is committed to becoming a free, open and continuously updated transgender knowledge integration site, where you can learn about all kinds of medicine and medical knowledge, female common sense, and other things.

The current MtF Wiki is in its infancy. Various materials may have not been completed, and there may even be some errors. Welcome all enthusiastic sisters to join us 2 and contribute to the MtF Wiki.

As for the original intention of building this website, in addition to providing a knowledge platform for the majority of MtF groups, it is also eager for others to affirm the setting of gender conversion.

Many materials were referred to in the process of writing this project, and I would like to thank you.

Never surrender to anxiety and depression, we will eventually have our place in this world.

Kenchiu3, we are waiting for your return

If you can remember my name, if you can all remember my name, maybe I or “we”, will be able to live freely one day.

  1. The definition of assigned sex on Wikipedia is “Assigned sex, which is determined by checking gender characteristics at birth.” ↩︎

  2. github.com/mtf-wiki ↩︎

  3. Kenchiu, founder of this site, was detained illegally for so-called “correction”. ↩︎